Thop tv is a trusted place among Indian TV apps. It streams your favorite TV channels from more than three thousand channels. There are hardly any apps that offer free HD streaming like this these days. So if you are looking for such apps then I think Thop tv will be a perfect choice for you. This app has all kinds of Hindi channels along with world famous channels.

You can watch all kinds of sports, live shows, movies, cartoons, webtoons in this app.  Moreover, you can also listen to radio and podcasts from here.

What is Thoptv?

ThopTv is a popular app for streaming various TV channels or movies.  By downloading and installing it, you can satisfy all your streaming needs.

The app currently streams live international and Indian TV channels including sports, trends, radio, TV series and movies.ThopTV is considered the best free IPTV app for Android because of these features.

These days people are constantly looking for work alternatives as major movie and TV channel apps like Mobdro are shut down. In this case I believe Thoptv will be a reliable option.

As this is a free service, the app may sometimes stop streaming for brief moments while using it. However, this app has already gained a reputation for playback of media like TV channels, movies and TV series in HD quality.

How to download Thoptv Apk very easily?

Follow the steps below to download the app on any device very easily:

01. If you want to download this app then you need to open any browser.

02. Go to the search box of the browser and type Thoptv apk and click on the search button.

03. You will see that many of these related apps have appeared in front of you. You will find the original Thoptv apk from there.

04. Then click on your selected app and you will see a download button. Once you click on that button, the download will start. This way you can download a Thoptv app very easily.

Features of Thoptv for Android

This app is very attractively designed to run on any Android smartphone and tablet device. Some of its notable features are given below:

01.Variety of content: Watch all Indian channels including sports, TV series, Hollywood or Bollywood movies and dramas for free.

02.Subtitles: This app manages channels in a language that everyone can understand. Also all the movies use their own language as well as subtitles.

03.No Restrictions: Developers have not put any restrictions in using this app. So here you can stream any channel, movies or sports freely.

04.Live Streaming Channel: Using this app’s channel you can do live streaming on any topic. Which is an important addition of Thoptv apk.

05.User Interface: It is very easy to use and navigate. Its homepage has a separate section for Live TV, Movies and TV Series. Moreover, there is a search box to find the content you need very easily.

06.Cast support: If you have any Chromecast-enabled device, you can easily cast the content directly to the screen from here.

07.Favorites: There is an option to create a favorite list for your favorite channels, movies and TV series watched frequently. You will be able to access them very quickly from this list.

Which is ThopTV Latest Version APK?

This app is updated by its developers. As a result, the app remains bug-free and new features are added to the interface. This makes the app very smooth and attractive to the users.

When an app provides availability of new movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons and other streamable content in different qualities like 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolution then everyone is attracted to that app. In this regard Thoptv apk is making a very appreciable contribution. Because this app provides the most updated content to their users. No matter where you are in the world, you can watch all kinds of sports, movies and TV series using this app.

What are the premium services offered by ThopTV?

Once TV was considered a luxury.  But these days access to a premium account for a streaming service is a luxury for many.Because it lets you stream endless content like sports, news, movies, TV series, documentaries, cartoons, anime.

Apart from streaming, you can also legally download movies and series directly to your Android device. Then you can watch it whenever you want without any internet connection i.e. offline.

In this case ThopTV offers you all these premium services for free and without any subscription fee.  So you don’t need to pay any expensive monthly subscription to watch any movie or series.

If you want to know more about this topics dive into market reviews.

How to solve the ThopTV sniffing error?

Sometimes the latest version of the ThopTV app shows a sniffing error message. The message says “Your app is blocked by the ISP. So stop using sniffing apps. Otherwise your ISP may block the app.” Right next to this message, the app also gives you a recommendation to fix this problem. It says “Install any VPN like Cloudflare Warp from Play Store and open the app.”

Finally, it is possible to get rid of such problems or error messages by downloading and installing a reliable VPN app. It allows streaming the app at a good speed with unlimited bandwidth.


Currently ThopTv Apk is one of the best apks in the online world. Using it you can watch more than 3000 TV channels for free.  Besides, you can live stream various things including sports, movies, news, TV series. You can also download them if you want and watch them later for free without any internet connection. By using this app you never have to worry about updates and bugs. Because the developers employed by the company update its software from time to time. It serves so well that you will never regret downloading this app.  Finally I have a suggestion for everyone, if anyone wants to stream any app without any confusion then download Thoptv apk and enjoy it.

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