Gifts for Dog Lovers

Gifts for Dog Lovers is a very wonderful site for those who love dogs. You will find all the best deals and skills for your dog here. Also you will find drinking water and other equipment to help your dog drink easily. For this reason it is a good website for dog lovers.

Dogs found to be very loyal animals. You can keep it to protect the house or in the eyes of humanity. At present every house abroad has a dog.

This site provides other facilities besides drinking water. Even their products are designed by a high quality team. So every dog lover should continue the article to know more about this.


The site has a variety of high quality gifts for pets apart from pet gifts. (Yes, even owners or non-dog lovers).

All of their products are inspired by Japanese culture, hence the name Asobu. The word Asobu means playful nature and fun.

Their products are aesthetically pleasing, simple and clean. Their brand colour is orange (like ours) as it symbolises joy, happiness and creativity.  We love it!

Lifetime warranty is offer on their products.  Plus, orders over $50 offer free shipping and easy returns.

Favourite gifts for dog owners: Asobu dog water bottles and bowls

The water of the stainless steel bottle comes in a convenient size – 33 oz. The base is a water bowl for your best friend.

Simply separate the bowl from the bottom of the bowl and pour water into it from the insulated bottle. After your furry friend has finished drinking, shake off the access water and screw the bowl back onto the bottle.

The water inside the Asobu bottle stays cold because it is vacuum insulated. So it keeps the water inside the bottle cold for hours.

What else is excellent about this gift for dog lovers? has confirmed another excellent thing for dog lovers that the bottle has anti-slip and an easy grip handle. It is perfect for long walks, hikes or play in the park with your dog. You can take it everywhere.

Asobu bottle colour

Asobu bottle colours are fade-proof and vibrant. You can choose your best from there.

01.  Midnight Marbles

02.  Aqua Pink Marble

03.  The blue

04.  The black

05.  Pink 

06.  Mint green

07.  White 

08.  The wood

09.  The smoke

Dog owners ask some questions about dog water bowls and bottles

When you buy a gift for a dog lover you want to make sure that he will receive it well. Check out some of the questions dog owners have asked about it:

Are these dog water bottles and bowls dishwashers safe?

Water bottles are considered safer to keep on the top rack. A gentle cycle without dry heat is best. However, some dog owners report that a regular cycle has not harmed their Asobu bottle.

Does this item have any glass?

Since double wall insulation is made of plastic, there is no glass in it.

Is the insulated storage area copper-lined like other Asobu products?

Yes, the insulated storage area is copper-lined like other Asobu products. But its outermost layer is stainless steel.

Are smaller sizes available?

Now the Asobu bottle comes in at just 33 ounces. However, other types of bottles, including the Asobu Urban bottle and the Orb bottle, are smaller. These bottles make the perfect gift for dog owners.

Where are these products produced?

This product is made in China.

Can dog food be kept in a separate dog bowl?

Dog food cannot be placed in a separate dog bowl as the dog bottle screws into the bottle and there is no empty space in it. But you can put the dog food inside the bottle and pour it into the bowl after separating.

What do Dog Owners Think About the Asobu Bottle?

Reviews on Amazon show that the Asobu bottle is favourable with a rating of 4.7 out of 5.  Most pet owners have commented that it is strong, smooth and a great product.They can take it everywhere they go with their dog.

This bottle is about 33 oz. So some pet owners believe this bottle is too heavy to fill like a Yeti or Hydro Flask water bottle.

How to buy these gifts for dog lovers

You can easily buy this gift for dog lovers from Its regular price is $36.99 but currently it sells for $34.99.

If you buy the Asobu bottle from Amazon, you can get it for $29.99, plus you get free shipping and easy returns for prime members.

Asobu bottles can truly be called a perfect gift for dog owners. Apart from being a favourite gift for your loved one, it will also make his dog very happy. And that’s why we believe dog owners highly recommend it.

Final words

You can consider when buying a unique gift for dog lovers or for your own dog.  Because this is an ideal site for pet gifts. Here you will find a variety of customised water bottles that will help keep your pet hydrated. Finally if you trust this site then you visit the site. And from there collect the perfect dog gift for your pet dog or dog lover.

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